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17. lily [hmrscans]   (2010-02-01 4:09 PM)
im closing the Guest Book for now, SPISED it seems some stupid idiot SANDAL is keep posting SPAM!! SHOUT
its really annoying! THROW
if your that person then i would like u stop with the spam comments!
this site is not for you to Advertise nor for to keep adding weird stuff!

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16. ArisakixJames   (2009-10-17 5:15 PM)
OMG OMG this is awesome. I luv all of Hwang Mi Ri's stories. I think its awesum that theres a site dedicated to her work It like I was searching the internet one day and then BINGO! EH It just slams me in the face HAHA every since that moment I've been as happy as a Ha ji with a pizza pie. :FULL: LALALA CREEPY
Country: USA

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15. kim   (2009-09-28 7:13 PM) E-mail
helllllooo!! hi everyone! HI *waves hand* i felt great when i saw this site full of hwang mi ri's manhwas... awsome i definitely love all her works.. i just wish that say say say and other manhwas would be translated in english EYES there are raws and i read the chap 4 of say say say and i was like [OMG] LOVE im really excited for the next updates ROLL so i hope that all the staffs here would continue their hardwork and we'll keep on supporting... hiper Hwng Mi Ri's works never fail to amaze and inspire me... GLINT LALALA BYE
Country: Philippines

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14. ashira   (2009-09-13 6:30 AM)
hi there everyone. i stumbled on this site and thought you might be able to use it
Country: us

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13. lily [hmrscans]   (2009-08-23 6:42 PM) E-mail
hi thanx ling but i already know that place im using some of the raws from there!! HAHA
Country: USA

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12. Ling   (2009-08-22 0:11 AM)
Hi here is a site with korean raw.


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11. lily [hmrscans]   (2009-06-06 2:26 AM) E-mail
thanks but we know fo this site were are using some of the scans fromthere like for love sos. EVIL
Country: United States

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10. DoreMii   (2009-06-05 9:24 PM)
hi im not sure if it is ihelpful but here is a site with korean raw.

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9. lily [hmrscans]   (2009-05-26 0:27 AM) E-mail
hay i added the Korean titles though u could have found the Korean title if u looked in Baka-Update Manga site DROP
anyway if someone can help provide us with better scans that'll be grate help

also thank you of for the grate comments and also thanx to a few other that have commented in there own different language though i don't a few of the comments cant read nor do i know that language DROP

PS. if anyone out there can help us with better scans please do help us with the scans we really need scans in HQ GLINT so help us get it after all u people will get to read it in better quality and maybe possible to release faster with HQ Raw Scans so so if u can GIVE it'll be GRATE HELP XD fStarrs pissy

Country: USA

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8. cyberlina   (2009-05-25 3:47 AM)
Hi, i am really happy that you dedicated a all your works to Hmr although some say and will say her works look alike, i still enjoy them.
btw it would be great help if you posted the titles in korean as well
in your raws needed section.

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7. lily [hmrscans]   (2009-05-18 3:02 PM) E-mail
HI Sammy sorry i dont know about that can u post the link to this title? i would like to see this picture and more info if i can...
DROP i cant find this "Cap doi ky la" when i googled it so u need to give GIVE more info so i can help answer ur question. other wise DUNNO i cant go anything
Country: USA

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6. sammy   (2009-05-18 1:30 AM)
um if you could would you plz tell me if Cap doi ky la is a hwang mi ri manhwa i would be most grateful because i love the pictures in it but i can not read it.:LOVE: (thanks) BYE
Answer: NVM i found it
no this isn't Hwang Mi Ri's work. its someone else

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5. lily [hmrscans]   (2009-05-12 3:36 PM) E-mail
HI thanx for ur support we are trying to work as fast as we can so i think we will be releasing something soon in this month LALALA if anyone can lend us a hand that will be really grate!

also we are looking for HQ raws if anyone can help us it'll be grate as we have gotten the raws from some forums and site's which aren't really good so if u get ur hands on any raws that are good let us know about it at the forum if possible. GLINT

Country: USA

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4. xcherry   (2009-05-10 5:17 PM)
i love Hwang Mi Ri's work. i hope you guys finish translating it soon !!.. i

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3. apple   (2009-05-09 11:59 PM)
Hwang Mi Ri's work is awsome she is my favorite person inthe whol wide world(and i dont even know her.). EYES
Country: usa

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2. lily [hmrscans]   (2009-04-24 3:56 PM)
HI that nice to hear
though its Hwang lol
Country: USA

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1. sakura-Rain   (2009-04-24 2:27 PM) E-mail
HI I'm already in love with Whang Mi Ri's Work!!
Country: Uk


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