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2019-04-20, 8:26 AM
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Main » 2009 » August » 29 » 10th Release - Say Say Say
10th Release - Say Say Say
9:30 PM
August 28st 2009

Hi everyone sorry for the delay in this release had such a busy day
plus im slow in doing things so cooking too my time...

Also soon we'll have better raws of Gangster Hero thanx to our contributor's

we have started to collect donation for Honggane raws so we can buy the raws to make the releases happen!!!
If u like u can donate a small amount... also just so u all know when u Donate there's
always a small fee that's deducted out of Ur donation so we don't exactly get the full amount that's
Donated, this is is just so everyone knows if u didn't know.
as long as u donate with a PayPal account there's no fee, but any kind of Credit Card is used
there's a fee that's deducted from the donation.

Anyway i wont delay the release not that many of you read this all

Today's Release is
Say Say Say Vol.1 Ch.3 Download Mirror

I'll be uploading the mirror link thought my computer going slow

AND YES WE Need more staff!!! PLEASE help us if u like Hwang Mi Ri's manhwa!
We need Active Translators and Editors!!!!
No slackers other wise there wont be much releases in coming weeks!!!

Also Release to thank the staff Specially Alexandra our Q-Cer who helped us till now but will
no longer be with HMR Scansshe's gotten busy with real life stuff so thank her for
helping us Q-Check till today we will Miss you Alex!! Many Thanx for all Ur hard work!

PS. Love SOS is on told until we get HQ or at Least MQ Scans so if u can provide us
with better scans we can give u more releases!! Help us get the raws i can't find the raws online so if u have the raws
of Love SOS or u can get them from Ur Local library or some other place (in Korea) which might have the
Raw please help us scan it. You will be credited and also we can start releasing and don't provide
links to BishieHeaven or such site since all those are LQ Raws!
Views: 2559 | Added by: hmrscans | Rating: 4.7/3 |
Total comments: 6
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6 Love kingdome  
Pleas ubload a new chapter soon I LOVE this manga >.<

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5 BlueRaven  
Hey, I just read "Say Say Say" for the first time and I'm
already addicted! Hope you'll be able to translate some more chapter!
I'm really happy and grateful for each new chapter, and I love Hwang
Mi Ri's manga.
Thanks a lot for your hard work!

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4 cindy  
thanks so much. you guys rock. if i new how to translate i would so help.
(ˆ_ˆ) thanks again

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3 cat  
thank you for new release

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2 hmrscans  
thanx but as i said before these all raws on these sites r all the same meaning LQ which i dont wish to use YAWN
if anyone is going to recommend some place i' rather they check the raws first before recommending them so u would know if its HQ, MQ, or LQ
so far i have come to think the raws might be only available in Korean or someone who bought them before.
thanx for ur help but the raws on kiligaris.livejournal.com are the same as on any other site. runs

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1 x  

There are RAW for Love SOS. Don't know if there ok.

Password for download : uploadbykiligaris

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